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GigMaven is a technology startup in New York City. We we make it easy for artists and music venues to connect and book, promote and ticket shows. We're changing the way live music happens, but we will need the help of incredible people to accomplish this.

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Senior Software Engineer

We're looking for a Ruby engineer who knows the language and its idioms deeply. Do you have strong opinions about when to use include and extend? Do you know more than four uses for the splat operator? Then there's a good chance you're the right candidate. Beyond the language, however, you must have a great sense of overall design and architecture of code. Our codebase is by no means large, but it is well put together. If you come on board you'll be expected to get a good sense of the code's structure with little guidance and in a short time. More importantly, you should be able to quickly ship new code that follows our conventions and just works.

You'll quickly gain ownership of what you implement and beyond. Your insight about both code and product will always be welcome and appreciated. We want to hire someone who is able to think critically about all dimensions of the product we are building.

Your formal qualifications and years of experience are not important to us, but you should have a solid understanding of algorithmic complexity and be able to ship optimal solutions.

If you'd like to make your application stand out you can include answers to the following challenge in your email. If you have a github account please include that as well.