Randy Niles (songwriter/looper)

74 [ what's this? ]
Bronx , NY

Poetically Soothing, Rhythmically Melodic and Lyrically Powerful. A complementing blend of thought provoking music and unique artistry.

Indie, Acoustic, Soul
Randy Niles - Vocals, Guitars, PedalBoard & Loopstations


Randy Niles is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from NYC who has been on the constant edge of transformation since he picked up an instrument. His unique blend of influences allows him to be as fluid and unique as he can while never having to really try. "Randy Niles blends rock, pop, blues, and folk into seamless, radio-ready compositions—he’s John Mayer without the pretentiousness.", writes Katy Tong of the Columbia Spectator . But there is another level which makes this artist so unique, he does it all on his own, effortlessly blending hints of what would be a band into his live performances.

Armed with just an acoustic and a pedalboard which looks like something NASA put together or straight out of the Frankenstein movie Randy evokes sounds and colors which when done, resemble that of a four or five member group rather than one. He beats on the body of his Martin 000M acoustic guitar, as well as scratches, and taps while his feet (which by the way are shoeless) dance, tap, and twist buttons and knobs while utilizing loop pedals all in an effort to retain the proper sounds for the proper parts in which he is creating.

His music can be best described as a poetically soothing, rhythmically melodic and a lyrically powerful blend of Indie/Acoustic/Soul.He incorporates dynamic layers of instrumentation through the use of looping technology with intriguing lyrical and musical phrasing, and vocals that will keep you in a more relaxed state than sleep itself. "The ethereal eddy of synchs in “Satellite” (Along the Way-album) is an exploration through textural landscapes that oddly recall Radiohead. His soulful crooning—“It’s a tragedy when x, y, z won’t equal three”—in “Birds of a Feather”(Perfect -EP) speaks poetically to the complications of a romantic tryst over a slow-burning guitar motif." Katy Tong -Columbia Spectator

"All of this came out of the need to perform when I couldn't count on others, or truly get the level of musicianship that I always wanted in a band.", Randy Niles " I've always played all the instruments, I just needed a way to shrink all of that down into something more portable and viable.", says Randy who with two recordings under his belt has been touring along the east coast with a few appearances on the west. His latest release "Perfect" which followed his 2008 debut "Along The Way", produced by Ryoji Hata (Looking Glass Studios /Bitter End NYC) and himself opens up the doors to Randy's initial vision of complexity being packaged in its simplest form and made accessible for all to fully become a part of musically. And with his theatrical display of recreating his songs for an audience incorporating tasteful looping he is able to pull of keeping the music as entertaining and organic as it is on his recordings while retaining the attention of a interested audience.

He's been pounding the pavement performing at places such as Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Gavin DeGraws National Underground(NYC), Bitter End (NYC), Crash Mansion(NYC), Webster Hall(NYC), Utica Music Festival(Utica,NY), San Diego Music Festival (CA), Chelsea Piers(NYC) SGM Festival (NY), Columbia University(NY), Westminster University(PA), Barking Spider (OH), Borders Books(PA, NY), Rosetta Stone(OH), Caffe Lena (Saratoga NY) as well as smaller venues and coffeehouse along the east. He has also advanced and won in competitions such as The Emergenza Music Festival, The Emergenza Micro Festival, and has opened for Australian Singer/Songwriter Ry Cuming (Sony/Jive Records). Not bad for a one man army.

With integrity, passion, and experience under his belt, not to mention a knack for communicating and relating to his fans and peers via in person or through the net Randy is an artist who possesses timeless talent and the ability to adapt and redefine himself at any given point and time. He's also a pretty cool and laid back young man!

Randy's follow up sophomore album is expected to be released sometime in 2012 and in the meantime will be touring extensively through 2012. Keep up with him this is definitely a star on the rise!

Booking: randynilesmusic[at]yahoo

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